American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Established in 1984, this organization procures the most talented cosmetic dentists and dental technicians in the world. Sharing of knowledge and experience is encouraged during the annual meetings and during the year via the internet.

Information in cosmetic dentistry is increasing faster than any one person can absorb. The AACD organizes and filters the excellent from the “popular” for its members.

The Accreditation journey we have begun is an exciting challenge for my staff and me. This consists of a series of written, clinical and oral examinations. Approximately 1.7% of Dentists in Pennsylvania belong to the AACD and less than 4% of them are accredited.

 The AACD offers a wonderful program to help victims of domestic violence. This is the “Give Back a Smile Program”. Dentists and technicians volunteer their time and materials to restore damaged smiles from domestic violence. To qualify, the victim must be interviewed by the AACD prior to assignment with the dentist to make sure the victim is making a strong effort to get their life on the right track.

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