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Welcome to our Jenkintown Children's Dentistry Kids Corner.  Click on any of the images to see more beautiful pictures of our child patients.

Jenkintown Family Dentistry Jenkintown Family Dentistry

Suzy came to see Dr. Weiss for her child dentistry in Jenkintown.

Jacob, from Dresher, came to see Dr. Weiss at our Jenkintown Office.

This is a brother and sister that see Dr. Weiss for all of their dental needs.    

Take a look at how happy Emily looked in her pics. 

Gia from Bensalem.  Her Mom takes her to our Jenkintown children's dentistry office.

Jenkintown family dentistRyan is from Churchville and comes to our office with his family regularly.

Jenkintown Family DentistryEvan comes from his Abington home to see Dr Weiss and our friendly staff.

Jenkintown Family DentistryKayla loves coming from her Abington home to visit with Dr Weiss and his friendly staff.

Jenkintown Family DentistryAshley comes to see Dr Weiss from her Churchville home and loves to show her smile to Magi the Dragon!

Jenkintown Family DentistryMaia and her family come from their Philadelphia home to see Dr Weiss and his friendly staff to keep their smiles perfect!

Jenkintown Family DentistryJosh and his family come to our Jenkintown office to keep their smiles bright.

Jenkintown Family DentistrySarah's smile lights up her face when she comes to see Dr Weiss.

Jenkintown Family DentistryChase and his mom come from Bensalem to visit Dr Weiss to keep their smiles bright.

Jenkintown Family DentistryMayah and her family come from Maple Glen for their regular dental check ups. Mom & Dad know the girls are in great hands when they see Margo, our hygienist.

Jenkintown Family DentistryHannah loves visiting Dr Weiss and Magi in our Jenkintown office.

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