Porcelain Veneers Jenkintown

Enjoy the Benefits of a Beautiful, White Smile with LUMINEERS®

Porcelain Veneers Jenkintown

A beautiful smile can make a lasting impression on others and have a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, the effects of aging, as well as dietary habits, genetics, and trauma, can diminish a smile's natural luster. With porcelain veneers,  available at the Jenkintown  cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Michael Weiss, we can correct aesthetic flaws and craft a smile that is ideal for you.

If you are seeking a whiter, brighter smile, we offer a range of  cosmetic dentistry options to meet your needs, including LUMINEERS® and our "Flagship" traditional porcelain veneers. 

Cosmetic dentistry is evolving toward more conservative types of treatment. Our beautiful traditional veneers often are fabricated in a non-invasive method similar to Lumineers.

We are staunch advocates of veneers at our practice - they are an effective, reliable, and durable solution to a range of dental complications, including chips, cracks, discoloration, and minor tooth misalignment. The process for placing LUMINEERS® dental veneers is also non-invasive, making it an attractive alternative to many other treatment options.

If you would like to learn more about LUMINEERS® and traditional porcelain veneers, please contact our Jenkintown cosmetic dentistry practice today to schedule a consultation. Our team of dental professionals proudly serves all of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and would be happy to help.

LUMINEERS® Porcelain Veneers - Overview

Porcelain veneers are dental restorations that are placed on the front surfaces of teeth to mask aesthetic flaws, including gaps, cracks, chips, and discoloration. Crooked, misaligned, and misshapen teeth can also be corrected with porcelain veneers, negating the need for more extensive treatment in many cases. Wafer-thin shells made from porcelain, veneers are durable and natural looking. The porcelain allows a small amount of light to pass through the outer surface, much like natural tooth enamel, and is strong enough to withstand the rigors of years of use. For these reasons and many others, porcelain veneers are a popular choice among patients looking to revitalize their smiles.

The placement process for LUMINEERS® is non-invasive and can be accomplished in a few visits to our Jenkintown dental office. A mold will be made of your teeth so that your permanent LUMINEERS® can be fabricated in a dental laboratory to your exact specifications. As all LUMINEERS® prosthetics are fabricated in California to the highest standards, this process can take several weeks. When the veneers are complete, Dr Weiss will try them in to make sure everything is fitting perfectly.

Risks and Benefits

While the placement of traditional porcelain veneers require that a small amount of enamel be removed from the outer layer of the tooth, LUMINEERS® can be placed without such preparation in some situations.

As the placement of porcelain veneers is minimally invasive, risks and complications are rare. That being said, the placement of traditional veneers does require the removal of dental material, a process that is irreversible. LUMINEERS® eliminates this need. Providing many of the benefits of traditional veneers - aesthetics, functionality and durability, the treatment is completely reversible if it doesn't satisfy the patient's needs - LUMINEERS® are a tremendous option for individuals who are interested in improving the appearance of their smile. If you are interested in revitalizing your appearance, LUMINEERS® may be right for you.


The cost of treatment with LUMINEERS® porcelain veneers varies from patient to patient. During a consultation at our Jenkintown dental practice, we can discuss your needs and goals, as well as the factors that will influence the cost of treatment in your specific case. For some patients, veneers are not a suitable treatment option. If this is true in your case, we will advise you of your alternatives and make recommendations based on your needs.

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We encourage you to contact our team today if you are considering cosmetic dentistry treatment and have questions regarding your options. We know how much of an impact treatment can have on a person's quality of life, and are honored to work with our patients to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. We proudly serve Jenkintown as well as Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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