CariVu   Cavity Detection

The CariVu is a cavity detection device that allows dental professionals to scan the teeth for caries (cavities). The device identifies caries on the biting surface and between the teeth where caries are most commonly found. The CariVu hugs the teeth and covers them with near-infrared light. The top of the CariVu is capable of transporting the live video footage onto the computer screen for the dental hygienist or dentist to view in real time. The video allows the dental professional to freeze any image that appears as suspicious. The way the dental professional is able to see suspicious areas is through transillumination. The near-infrared light shines through healthy tooth structures and they appear light, or white in contrast to unhealthy tooth structures which appear dark. The CariVu displays caries and cracks as gray or black spots on the images. The images that are frozen then are saved to your chart for evaluation by Dr. Weiss. The CariVu is able to identify suspicious areas at an earlier stage then traditional x-rays, therefore the hygienist and dentist can decide on the appropriate course of preventative or restorative treatment.

Benefits of the CariVu

  • Optimal patient comfort
  • No use of ionizing radiation to clinician or patient
  • Great patient acceptance for children
  • Does not interfere with patients that experience a gag reflex during traditional radiographs
  • Very comfortable to patients with torus, or extra bone on the palate or floor of their mouth
  • Allows dental professionals to identify suspicious lesions early on so that appropriate preventative treatment can be provided
  • Compliments digital radiographs to provide our patients with a more complex exam
  • Gives a good picture of the exact location of caries

Limitations of the CariVu

  • Unable to visualized the tooth structures under crowns and bridges
  • Cannot detect any gum issues
  • CariVu cannot see the roots of the teeth, therefore cannot detect infection
  • Cannot detect caries at the gum line of teeth

Can the CariVu replace traditional radiographs?

The CariVu is an amazing tool that will help our dental office reduce the number of x-rays exposed, but it will not replace the use of x-rays. The reason for this is the CariVu is not capable of shining its light through metals or porcelain. Therefore, the CariVu is not a good match for crowns, bridges or implants. Also, the CariVu is unable to detect for bone loss, or periodontal disease. For these reasons the CariVu is not a good match for every patient and not every tooth. However, the CariVu is the perfect adjunct to digital radiographs.

Learn more about the CariVu

Dr. Weiss looks forward to being able to provide you with the most comprehensive exam possible. Our hygienist, Courtney will use the CariVu on you at every recall appointment to ensure that all teeth are healthy. We are very impressed by this new technology and are excited to introduce our patients to the CariVu. If you have any questions or concerns about the CariVu please feel free to call our office!

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