Philadelphia Composite Fillings

There are two main materials used for filling cavities composite and amalgam. While most people prefer composites, both types of filling are acceptable.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are a tooth-colored mixture of tiny glass or quartz particles with resin. There are various shades of composite we can use to ensure the fillings match the shade of your natural teeth.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings have several advantages over amalgam fillings:

  • While amalgam is a stronger material, composite bonds to your tooth and restores much of its original strength.
  • When preparing a tooth for a filling, amalgam fillings require the dentist to remove all undermined tooth structure. Since composite bonds to the tooth, only the decay needs to be removed because any remaining weakened tooth structure will be bonded and strengthened. With some types of cavities, the result is much less tooth structure needs to be removed.
  • Composite insulates your teeth so they are less sensitive to heat and cold.
  • They look natural. Dr. Weiss will choose a shade of composite that closely matches your tooth shade.
  • However, when placing composite fillings, the tooth has to be thoroughly isolated. Any contamination will ruin the filling. Amalgam doesn’t have this limitation.

Long-Lasting Fillings

Composite fillings take more time and advanced technique to properly place. Our doctors take the following steps to ensure your composite fillings will last.

  • Uses high-quality composite materials
  • Properly prepares your natural tooth for the filling
  • Correctly bonds and seals the composite for healthy function and long-lasting results

Are You Interested in Composite Dentistry?

While they also provide amalgam fillings, Dr. Weiss and Dr. Goldwater understand your preference for white composite and will explain your options for preserving your teeth and protecting them from decay.

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