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If you knew your dentures would fit well and look natural, it could relieve much of the anxiety about getting them. Philadelphia cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Weiss and Dr. Brandon Goldwater adhere to a detailed process for dentures that provides predictable results.

Dentures that Look Natural and Fit Well

It’s tempting for dentists to skip steps in denture creation, because they can still get acceptable results. Dr. Weiss and Dr. Goldwater, however, take the time for all of the steps he was taught in school, to make sure that your dentures fit as accurately and comfortably as possible, besides looking perfectly natural.

  • Initial impression – He first takes impressions of your mouth to create a preliminary model of your arch. This model is used to make a custom tray for a final impression. Although some dentists don’t take a preliminary impression, this step provides a more accurate final impression. The more accurate the fit of your denture, the more comfortable it feels and the more snug it fits.
  • Custom tray – Once the custom trade is made, he uses a two-step impression technique to accurately record all the contours of the tissues that will support the dentures.
  • Bite registration – Measurements are made of the proper distance between your upper and lower arches and the positioning of those arches in relation to your jaw joint and to one another. This is important to giving you a comfortable bite.
  • Wax model – Your denture teeth will be set in pink-colored wax for you to try on. These will be the very teeth that will end up incorporated into your denture, and this will give you a fairly accurate preview of how your dentures will look, test the bite, and see how they affect how full your face appears. Give the doctor feedback on all these issues and he will communicate any needed adjustments to his lab technician.
  • Final denture – Our laboratory technician will make your final denture, which will reflect the same look and feel you approved for the wax model. The final result should be comfortable, snug, and attractive.


We only use high-quality denture materials, including hardened acrylic for your denture teeth. They will be durable and natural looking. You can choose removable complete dentures. Most patients, however, prefer that the dentures be securely anchored with dental implants.

Removable complete dentures

Removable complete dentures can be made for your lower arch, upper arch, or both. An upper denture is held in place with suction, and a lower denture rests on your gums. Since dentures rest on movable soft tissue, there is always going to be some moving around of them during function.

Implant overdentures

With implant overdentures, two to six dental implants can be used to support your dentures. The stability increases with the number of implants you receive. You’ll enjoy the benefits:

  • Wearing dentures will be more comfortable because they will be anchored by implants, not resting on your gums.
  • Your dentures won’t slip around, so eating and speaking will be easier and more enjoyable.   
  • Like natural tooth roots, implants stimulate the jawbone and prevent bone shrinkage and facial sagging.

Read our implant overdentures page for more information.

Interested in Improving Your Experience with Dentures?

If you’re interested in high-quality dentures that look natural and fit well, schedule an exam or a 20-minute complimentary consultation with Dr. Weiss to give you the opportunity to ask some questions. You can call us to schedule an appointment or complete our Request an Appointment form.

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