Philadelphia e.max Crowns

e.max crowns are made with a foundation of lithium disilicate—a glass-ceramic that is high strength and metal free. The front is veneered with a layer of porcelain which also makes them highly aesthetic. While they are strong enough to be cemented conventionally, we bond them to the tooth, giving them an extra measure of retention and strength.

When Are They Used?

e.max crowns can be used in a variety of situations, including:

  • Restore teeth with significant cracks, decay, wear, or other damage
  • Make a dental bridge
  • Restore dental implants
  • Conceal discoloration or internal stains that can’t be resolved with teeth bleaching
  • Correct malformed or misshaped teeth

e.max Advantages

Metal free – e.max crowns are all ceramic and thus have no risk of causing metal allergy or sensitivity.

Highly aesthetic – The lithium disilicate core is translucent and provides a close match with natural tooth structure. When that core is overlaid with porcelains of various tints and translucencies and covered with a glaze, it mimics the appearance of a tooth. It can be impossible to tell just by appearance alone that it isn’t a natural tooth.

Long lasting – The high-strength glass ceramic is very durable and provides a long-lasting restoration.

What to Expect

  • Discuss your smile goals.
  • After an examination and digital x-rays, the doctor will let you know if e.max crowns are an option for achieving the results you want and helping you maintain good oral health.
  • After removing any decay and damage from your teeth, the doctor will taper each affected tooth to accommodate a crown.
  • The doctor will take pictures of your teeth, take impressions of them, and send the details to a lab to make precisely fitting crowns.
  • Before securing the crowns to your teeth, we will check them for fit and test your bite.
  • After any needed adjustments are made, the doctor will bond the crowns to your teeth.

Caring for Your e.max Crowns

  • You should take care of your e.max crowns as you do your natural teeth.

    Daily brush your crowns and floss between them.
  • Although they are made of high-strength material, avoid biting hard or sharp objects.
  • Keep your regularly scheduled dental exam and cleaning appointments.
  • Let Dr. Weiss or Dr. Goldwater know if you clench or grind your teeth. He will make a custom nightguard for you to wear while you sleep that will protect your crowns from damage.

If you’re interested in e.max crowns, call us or request an appointment online for an examination.

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