Venus White Max®

Venus White Max® is a way to quickly give you a brilliant smile. In Philadelphia, cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Weiss is familiar with the popular Zoom Whitening, but he prefers the Venus White Max® system, an alternative in-office whitening system that will give you similar results, but without the need of a light.

A Comfortable and Highly Effective Alternative

Studies have shown that the light used in many tooth bleaching systems doesn’t actually add any permanent whitening. The light will help dry out the teeth, which will make them look lighter for a day or two. But when the teeth re-hydrate, they will relapse somewhat. We also believe that the absence of a light means there is less chance of tooth sensitivity after treatment.

Before you receive a whitening treatment, the doctor will examine your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy and to determine if bleaching will improve the stains. The whitening process is simple

  • We will retract your cheeks and rinse and dry your teeth.
  • We will coat your gums with protective gel to prevent irritation from the bleaching gel.
  • The gel will applied to your teeth and remain for about 15 minutes. Unlike other systems, no acceleration light is needed.
  • After the gel is suctioned off and your teeth are rinsed, we will repeat the process three to four times to achieve the shade of whiteness you want.
  • After the sessions are complete, you’ll be amazed with the sparkle of your smile.
  • Your teeth will be extra white for a few days, and then the color will stabilize.
  • You can decide if your teeth are the shade you anticipated or if you want them even whiter. Dr. Weiss will provide you with custom bleaching trays and Venus whitening gel to continue whitening at home and for periodic touch-ups to maintain your bright smile.

A Sparkling Smile without Discomfort

Your smile can sparkle without the sensitivity that can be caused by a light. If you’re interested in a brighter smile with in-office or take-home teeth whitening, call us to schedule an appointment for a consultation, or request an appointment online. During the consultation, the doctor will examine your teeth and let you know if this treatment is right for you.

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